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Holistic Wellness Consult

60 minutes 1 on 1 holistic wellness consult 

Take this opportunity to see where you are at with your wellbeing using amazing ancient technique of Iridology and Sclerology

During the wellbeing consult, the iris (colour parts of the eyes) and sclera (the white part of the eye) will be reviewed to see any concerns of congestion, weakness, toxicity or stress at their earliest stages

Our eyes are the window to our soul and the mirror to our body”.

What is included in the 60 minutes holistic wellness consult?

  1. Discover what your body is saying to you by taking eye photos using the special eye camera. I will bring light from where darkness once was

  2. Create your personalised easy to use day to day plan

  3. Incorporate protocols that will benefit the areas of concern or need a bit of nurturing

  4. Incorporate the easy to use 7 principles of life 

  5. Create focused wellness goals and explain how you will be able to achieve them

  6. Discover easy to use methods that will be boost your confidence level

  7. Constant communication available if you have any questions during your health journey

At the end of the session, you would have an easy to use day to day plan set out so you would be able to move towards a healthier and confident you and have more energy and vitality

You will know more about your body (physical, mental and spiritual) and understand the benefits of incorporating beneficial protocols

Would the 60 minute holistic wellness consult add value to your current situation?

Why wait contact me now and let start creating an amazing wellness journey

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