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1 on 1 60 Minutes Life and Success Coaching Sessions             

Has these questions come up lately?

  • How do I find my passion in life?

  • What is my passion?

  • How do I set and accomplish my goals?

  • Why do I not accomplish my goals?

  • How do I become more confident in my abilities?

  • How to I find my uniqueness?

  • Why am I stuck and not moving forward?​


A life coach is a process whereby I motivate, inspire you and assist you to make positive enhancements in one or more areas of your life.

During our coaching sessions we focus on the following key areas, business, health, finance, relationships, emotions and spirituality.

What will you receive from these 10 coaching sessions:

  • You will gain more confidence in taking charge of your life  

  • You will achieve work - life balanced

  • You will set out personal goals, develop and refine action plans to be able to achieve your goals

  • You will develop skills to create solutions that will focus on results oriented approach

  • More importantly these coaching sessions will keep you motivated, inspired and hold you accountable throughout the process

A brief summary of what is included in the 10 coaching sessions:

  1. Where do you rate yourself currently in the key areas of business, health, finance, relationships, emotions and spirituality? Design a 5 to 7 year life plan of what you would like to achieve over those years

  2. Create your purpose using your values thereby increasing your experiences of happiness and fulfillment in life. So you working towards fulfilling your purpose

  3. Using the 5 steps method to have anything you want. Create goals to achieve them and working towards your purpose

  4. Look at your immediate circle of influence and how they influence you

  5. Looking at your current state of mind and looking at your language, beliefs and physiology so you can move past the barriers to achieving your goals

  6. Looking at how you perceive your relationships with family, money, business, health, career, spouses, loved ones, even how to attract new relationships in your life

  7. Do you feel stuck in the past, present or future? Working through the feeling and start flowing in the right direction

  8. Understanding you are the creator of your reality and take full responsibility of your actions

  9. We explore your perception of who you are and what value do you provide to society

  10. We review where you currently rate yourself in the key areas again, and see the change that has happened. We celebrate and give gratitude of your achievements

Each session works toward achieving your purpose with set milestones in place. Each session ensures you stay on track, setting out detailed strategies and action steps to achieve these goals.

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