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Get motivated with Veronica the Inspiring

Holistic Wellness Coach

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I am a holistic wellness coach, that educates, inspires and motivate you in taking action to reach your goals in areas of wealth, health, finances, emotional, relationships, spirituality, business and careers and to find your purpose in life and maintain your balance and well-being.

Our well-being is important to us, it affects our quality of life in so many ways. This is why I am passionate about living my optimum life and sharing my knowledge, so that you could take control by making informed decisions about maintaining your optimum well-being.

Life and Success Coaching 

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Holistic Wellness Coach

Using Ancient Iridology and Scleology techniques

Do you want to know what your body is telling you?


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I had the pleasure of doing life coaching with Veronica.

She coached me, and I can honestly say even though you might have an idea of where your life is headed, where you want to be, the path becomes clearer when you have someone to prompt you, to give you structure to your ideas and to motivate you without pressure when you become stuck and Veronica has the expertise to do so for myself and now also helping my partner, who I am currently witnessing him having more direction and purpose in his life than ever before.

I highly recommend Veronica’s sessions, ten out of ten.


Veronica has been a very professional mentor / coach.

Her approach has been well thought out and really aimed at finding the areas for improvement and working out the best way to impact them.

After the conclusion of the course I have seen some amazing changes in myself and even gained better clarity with my goals in life. Already I have gained better focus which has improved my attitudes and even contributed to a better position and promotion at work.

My family life has improved also as I’ve been able to better appreciate those in my life and more grateful for all the opportunities and support I’ve received and continue to receive.


I really liked the coaching session, it was my first time doing something like this and

I really enjoyed how it opened my mind to making a better version of me in ways I never knew I could.

I liked how it allowed me to focus on areas in my life which needed work and

opened ways for me to push myself, a great motivating experience.

I would encourage anyone to do this life coaching sessions and improve their lives.


I was lucky enough to have a coaching session with Veronica.

I was looking for assistance with ways to heal from an autoimmune disease diagnosis and

some relationship blocks.

Veronica was incredibly kind with her time and showed a sincere interest in wanting to help me find ways to progress in the right direction.

She shared some great nutritional and spiritual tips which were simple to implement and

I have felt many benefits since doing so.

Veronica, you are a beautiful and gentle soul who created a comfortable and

safe space for me to share.

I have so much gratitude for you. Hugs               


I have really enjoyed my coaching received from Veronica

She is grounded, knowledgeable and down to earth.

Veronica's understanding of the connect between the physical and energetic parts of the body is excellent and she has given me many different aspects to work on myself with.

Veronica is a genuinely caring and level person, and

I would recommend anybody wanting true results to take up her health coaching.


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60 Minutes wellness consults can be done via Zoom

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Why Wait, Contact me and start creating a positive impact in your life to create your optimal health 

If you have any questions or would like to talk about improving your wellbeing,

then contact me directly via email or fill out the submission box below. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and

I’ll respond to your message as soon as possible.


Veronica the Inspiring Holistic Wellness Coach

Christchurch NZ

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