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Amazing Bananas

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Delicious Bananas
Delicious Bananas

Bananas are amazing fruit to eat and did you know they are actually classified botanically as a berry

Life is full of bananas skins, you slip, you carry on” Daphne Guinness

You cannot taste me, until you undress me, sincerely, banana” Anonymous

10 benefits, interesting facts and uses of bananas:

  1. Eating a banana can cheer you up, it contains amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6, which helps your body produce serotonin, the natural chemical that alleviates mental depression and Tryptophan alleviates PMS symptoms

  2. Bananas can help lower blood pressure and protect your heart due to high potassium and low salt content

  3. Bananas have high content of potassium that aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function

  4. Bananas are high in fiber and can help to restore normal bowel movement

  5. Bananas have a natural ant-acid effect in the body, so it can relieve heart burn

  6. The oils inside of a banana peel can help relieve itching and inflammation, such as insect or mosquito bites.

  7. If done daily, a wart can be removed in about 2 weeks by running the inner side of banana peel onto the infected area

  8. One medium sized bananas is 27 grams of carbohydrates

  9. To replace one whole egg you can replace it with a ripe mashed banana to make say chewy baked brownies

  10. Replacing butter in a recipe with bananas results in a rich, dense texture. This will be good for cakes, muffins, biscuits and bread. Using equal amount of mashed bananas for the butter in the recipe

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