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Exercise and Movement - 7 Principles of Health

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Exercise and Movement - 7 Principles of Health
Exercise and Movement - 7 Principles of Health

I love exercises and getting the body moving, for me it brings the child inside of me out. Regardless if I doing the exercises totally wrong, and in the process not hurting myself, I am coming alive and I am totally enjoying every minute of it. If I have a few days of pain and uncomfortable aches, I believe that those aches and pains are muscles that are working.

Regular movement or exercise is one of the most enlightening things you can do. The movement during a brisk walk and your arms and legs moving, cleans and electrifies the entire body.

The immune and lymphatic system, which protects our bodies by cleaning our blood and cells from plaque, parasites, viruses and bacteria is only stimulated by movement. Movement could be dancing, skipping, running, exercise, yoga, Pilates and so much more, create your own exercise regime or join a gym, to get your body moving and electrify your body.

Did you know when you feel angry or frustrated, exercises can help. By taking time out and going for a walk outside, the physical movement and the air has an effect of releasing the immediate emotion and you eventually calmed down and think more clearly.

What actions could you take?

  • Integrate movement into your daily life. For example climb stairs, park far from shops and walk

  • Get into a exercise routine on a daily basis, it will have a massive reward for the rest of your life

  • When going out for a walk in lunch time, take a water bottle, embracing the sun and moving and breathing the air. You have embraced 4 of the 7 principals of health

  • Little exercise is better than no exercise at all

  • Combining plant based wholefood meal plan with regular exercise promotes health and vitality

  • Just as exercises strengthen the body muscles, our brains require exercises as well. Using mental stimulation like reading, music, creativity, education, chess, card games, scrabble, and so much more would improve your brain capacity and mental thinking

  • Practice the Tibetan Rites. I have included a photo for the Tibetan Rites. These take about 15 minutes to do and I practice these on a daily basis

5 Tibetian Rites
5 Tibetian Rites

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