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Ho'oponopono - The ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

There are many blogs out there about the subject and how to practice it. This post is to interpret in my own way and how it has benefited me in areas of my life that I could not imagine.

My journey started when I felt like I was stuck in a rut and life was not going anywhere. I had a boss that kept of bulling me, I could not voice my opinions and life was not going smoothly at all. My sister discovered this book Zero Limits written by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len with Ho’oponopono and said I should read it. I first read a shorter version Ho’oponopono Secrets: Four phrases to Change the World one Love to Bind them written by Paul Jackson. Ho'oponopono seemed to work for my sister, so why not read and then assess if it could work for me.

The first time I read through the books, I could understand the concept; we first change ourselves and our perception of it, instead of changing others. As well as, it is not the person or situation that is the problem; it is our perception of it.

At first I could not remember all the words. My mind was telling me that I am in a stressful situation and how can I remember the words. How could I do all this at the same time? Eventually, the more I practiced it, I got better. Now I use it in any situation that I feel stressed, fear, and anxiety or depressed, as well as when I want to create an amazing day, so that things flow smoothly.

I am still using it on a daily basis. When things do not go that smoothly, I say to myself “what is it in me that has caused the problem?” I do not always know the reason for the pain, it does not really matter and I prefer not to over analysis the situation. I acknowledge the problem and rectifying with the four phases and I believe that it is clearing the situation.

You could use it in a situation that you are just the observer and did not create the situation or when someone is irritating you. What is important, even though you are an observer; we still take 100% responsibility for what you have experienced, and start clearing the situation, by saying the words.

It sounds so bazaar, why would I take on other people responsibility? Am I not in control of my own emotions? You not taking on their responsibilities, you taking on how you felt and your experience of the situation and your responsibility will be to clear the emotions and bring it back to before the situation existed (to zero).

This situation could have potentially triggered a past situation that was similar to this situation that is still unresolved and buried in the subconscious and finally come to light.

I never realised how much emotions I took on from my environment, and some of those emotions have been unconsciously taken on.

When I started practicing it, my perception on life changed. I became lighter, things started to flow and move in a favourable direction. I still have my up’s and down’s in life. What has changed for me is that I know through clearing these situations and going to a place where those triggers do not affect me, has made my life better and easier. I think it was Florence Shinn that said “I can handle anything that comes my way”, and it is true, so I go with the flow and still keep on clearing, clearing and clearing some more until the situation has resolved.

Just remember we are all humans on this amazing world and when ever things get to you or you have the emotion of fear, or any other emotion that is not good for you, remember the four sayings:

I love you …..

Please forgive me ….

I’m sorry ….

Thank you ….

If you remember just one phrase, for example saying I love you all the time, it will still work. Having the intention and belief that the situation will be resolved and you will be totally amazed at the results.

I have read the book many times over. Each time I grasp more as I grow and develop myself emotionally and spiritually.

What an amazing world we live in
What an amazing World we Live In

Blessing to you all and sending out love to everyone

Life and Health Coach

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