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Keep Things Simple

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Have you realised that we over complicate just about everything and over analysis things to death.

Going to the shopping mall, we are bombardment by so many choices to be made. We all get overwhelmed by these decisions. In my opinion advertisement and social media has a real impact in our decision making process.

Have you ever thought, why not keep life simple? Easy to say, and actually, it is easy to do.

For example when a person is focused, determined and organised to buy say apples. I always ask myself questions: when will I use them, to determine the quantity I require. What type of apples do I prefer and taste delicious; to determine the type I am looking for. What quality am I after? What price am I paying for the quantity and quality? Based on the results of these questions, I buy the right quantity, quality and at the right price. This seems like a lot of work and complicated, actually it is not; by using it all the time we create an informed decision making process, which is best suited for each circumstance, and not making a decision that is based on past experiences.

Another example, when buying appliances or gadgets: I ask myself these questions: how many times would I use it or do I really need it or do I have space for it or can I do it by hand instead or do I have the finances to pay for it or am I willing to pay that price for it? My son taught me, if you can use your hands instead; you have put your creative spin on it. So before buying appliances or gadgets ask yourself questions and then make an informed decision based on answers.

Here is another example: When cooking, I am a very creative cook. I us the ingredients that have and if I do not have the ingredients, I use substitutes and others I leave out, because I do not like or have them. Google is amazing for items that you can substitute. I must confess not all my cooking creations have been successful; I still love them and eat them and create better ones next time. So by using the same concept, keep cooking simple, ask yourself: do you need all the ingredients in the recipe? By comparing recipes and then creating your own recipes, is really amazingly creative.

The amount of things we purchase on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that we do not use, use once and the storage space that they use and eventually throw away is astounding. So when buying items be mindful and ask yourself questions, slow down when shopping, make informed decisions and keep life simple. You will notice that your food and appliance bills will come down drastically.

Life is actually amazing, why do we have to complicate it with buying unnecessary items and then have anxiety attacks because we have to pay for these unnecessary items.

Embrace the simplicity of life
Love the simplicity of life

Keep life simple, in everything you do and life will be really amazing back to you.

Life and Health Coach

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