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Melon is so good for the Stomach

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Honeydew Melon it has this light green flesh, it is cool, sticky, juicy and a sweet fruit. Did you know it is also known as temptation melon

Life is a thump ripe melon, so sweet and such a mess” Greg Brown

Deliciously Sweet Honeydew Melon
Deliciously Sweet Honeydew Melon

10 benefits, interesting facts and uses of Honeydew Melon:

1. Honeydew melon is rich in minerals, Vitamin B, A and C and virtually fat free

2. The Vitamin C in the honeydew melon helps boost the immune system

3. Chlorine is found in honey dew melon. The chlorine is essential for the proper distribution of carbon dioxide and the maintenance of osmotic pressure in the tissues

4. Melons are high in water content approximately 90% of water content, so good for hydrating the body

5. Because of its high water content, honeydew melon is good to flush the kidneys and bladder

6. Honeydew melons help maintaining blood pressure levels and is associated with reducing risk of high blood pressure and heart disease

7. Dried or roasted honeydew seeds are sometimes eaten in various countries

8. 1 cup of honeydew melon has 13.8 grams of natural sugars, and the natural sugars contents increases as it ripens

9. Honeydew melon is easy to add to your daily fruit intake. You can add it into salads, desserts, smoothies, syrups, juice them or even puree melon can be given to babies to improve their overall health

10. 1 cup of honeydew melon has 16 grams of carbohydrates

Life and Health Coach

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