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Passion - 7 Principles of Health

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Passion - 7 Principles of Health
Passion - 7 Principles of Health

What is your passion in life?

Have you ever felt in the morning, you can’t sleep any longer and you got to get up and ready early in the morning because you have the desire and that drive to work on your passion, that thing that gets you excited and inspired. This is the passion we need in our daily lives. Passion is the product of your vision and your purpose.

Passion is the driving force of our lives, to be able to live life passionate and fulfilled. We love what we do and do what we love. Doing things that make us happy and fulfilled creates energy within our bodies. Your passion could be your bliss, your inner voice, your wisdom or your calling. Passion causes the creative juices to flow and energy to move us forward.

Passionate people are healthy people, they are more vibrant and have more energy and are dis-ease free. They have better mental health; have happiness, satisfaction, personal growth, self acceptance, sleep better and have longevity.

Here are some activities that create a life with passion; smile, laugh, change your posture, reading books, attend events, listen to audios, hug, create a dream board, speak positive words, listen to pleasing music, sing, have a to-do-it now attitude, listen more than speak, practice thankfulness, appreciate and gratitude, work with your hands, play games, play with children and so many more.

Having something that you are passionate in, research shows that passion keeps you healthy, alive and flowing.

What actions could you take?

  • Spend about 1 to 2 hours a day doing what you passionate about

  • Believe that you can live a passionate life. Believe it and declare it every day until it comes true

  • Believe that you have the confidence to create and grow your passion and thereby living a passionate, healthy and long fulfilling life

Life and Health Coach

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