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Sunshine - 7 Principles of Health

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Beautiful Sunrise
Beautiful Sunrise

Did you know that sunlight is the greatest healing component to many lifestyle dis-eases. Our bodies, like plants and other living organisms on this earth, require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate. Sunbathing helps the body to create natural vitamin D that can’t get from any other source.

Getting out in the sunshine and nature relaxes the body and revitalises your feel good emotions and has a calming and relaxing effect on your nervous system. Let the sun shine down on you and create happy moments.

When you go outside for your walk or even bask in the sun, use natural sunscreen with no toxic or harmful chemicals that block the beneficial, life enhancing light from the sun. Please read labels for all sunscreen, to see the ingredients. There is a chemical maze apps that when you type in the ingredient or INS number, it will indicate if it is harmful or the environment. Here is a link if you would like to purchase it. Chemical Maze. I am not affiliated to the company and do not receive any commission.

Sunshine acts as a tonic to boost circulation and send streams of warm, oxygen carrying blood cells to the extremities. The ultraviolet rays of the sun helps increase while blood cell count, which provides immunity from infection and health restoration.

Sunshine stimulates the personality and emotions of all animals, humans, plants and even flowers respond to the sun as well. Sunlight provides the most natural remedies for nervous people, who may feel anxiety, worry or frustration.

What actions could you take?

  • Get out in the sun, approximately 20 to 30 minutes a day, as much of your skin surface as possible

  • The sun is amazing for your eyes, so minimise the wearing sunglasses

  • Sun gazing is an ancient wisdom that causes the pineal gland to secrete chemicals that activate regions of the brain that otherwise lie dormant. My suggestion is to sun gazing at sun rise and sun set

  • When you have head cold or flu, go out in the sun and let the sunshine revitalise your body, instead of staying in bed and in the dark

Life and Health Coach

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