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Taking the Easier Road

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I recently listened to a webinar that had a young accountant that had a unique way of looking at life and it made me really think. She mentioned she threw her 10 year plan away and started living each day as it comes. She mentioned that “If it feels right, she does it”. In my opinion she is regaining her intuition or gut instinct and she has taken responsibility for her choices that she has made along the way.

Our traditional way of living is go to school, go to university, receive a degree or two or get a trade, work for a number of years and finally retiring. This seems an easy way of living, because it has been done previously, so why change it, it works for the majority of people. Actually this does not work; it seems the easiest road taken, because so many people have done it before.

Which path will you take?
Which path will you take?

Imagine there is a fork in the road and we had to decide which direction to take. It actually does not matter which direction, what matters is, will this road lead to fulfillment. What do you want out of your life and how do you want to live your life. Say we take finances and responsibility out of the situation, ask yourselves again, would the road you are travelling on lead you to fulfillment?

There are many books out there, many TED talks and webinars, that have mentioned that when you truly love what you do and passionate about what you do, the money will flow into your life automatically, because your energy is creating that attraction to those people. Money is not security, it is necessity. Money really does not provide love, passion or fulfillment, so why do we have this strong belief that we have to have this high paying job, that creates stress and responsibilities or work for more than the required number of hours, just to finish a task. All of this depletes our energy and at the end of the day we do not have energy at home for ourselves or our family.

When we compromise on a few things in our life or our perception change, and we say to ourselves that we really do not need these things, because we realised that they do not fulfill us. We can start creating our dream position or our idea position that creates happiness and fulfillment.

When you truly believe that you can achieve what you want, you passionate about it and love it, family responsibilities will support you, because they can see you feeding your soul and you enjoying every minute of it. Your energy levels are high and the result becomes a flow on effect. Your environment changes or more people come into your life and opportunities just seem to come your way.

So next time, when you feel stuck, think and write down what would make me fulfilled? What would feed my inner child and soul? Then start doing it, taking action. Start small and see where it takes you. Ask people for help, you will be amazed how much people out there would help you and guide you when you need it. We can learn from people around us and start moving into a passionate fulfilling life.

Life and Health Coach

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