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The Amazing Re-leaving Feeling of Colonics

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I want to tell everyone, something amazing!!!

I had my first colonics yesterday. It was an amazing experience and will definite do it again.

Has anyone heard about the gentle Woods Method of Colonic Irrigation? Here is a link to explain more Well there is only one in Queensland, how amazing it that, and I would highly recommend it.

I was very impressed by Krystie at the Gravity Colon Therapy in Brendale, Queensland ( by her professionalism, the set up and the whole unique experience. She explained the whole process very well. It was easy to talk to, I felt relaxed, the room was inviting and the whole process was so comfortable.

If you due for a colonics, I would suggest to give Kystie a call at Gravity Colon Therapy and make an appointment to have your colon feeling amazing again.

I am not an affiliate of the business and do not get commission from this post. I like to inform people and spread the word for the great service businesses provide

Life and Health Coach

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